Freedom for J20 defendants!


Accusations against J20 defendants are an example of brutal hunt to find a scapegoat for more and more people, who have consistently resisted to accept the brutal normality of Trump's presidency. It is an attempt to frame couple of hundreds of people who stood up against the illusion of peaceful transition and make an example of them. Authorities hope that if they go hard against 200 people, others will be too intimidated to resist as well. 


But no matter how hard they try to repress J20 defendants, the fact remains, that struggles on the Inauguration day inspired people to reclaim the streets, bloc airports, fight fascists. They simply refused to step back. 


This is not just the struggle of people in the US. Rise of extreme right on elections and in general in society is happening on European soil as well. Coordinates of wars that authorities are running against their own populations are shifting. Battle lines demand we take our stand. Far right is renegotiating the notion of privilege in the society, and continue to offer an illusion, that those privileges can be preserved in gated communities. On the expanse of colonizing those on the fringes of our societies, of course. These privileges are being defendant with brutal force against anyone who dares to question private property, or terms of social devastation.  

From Washington DC to Hamburg, people are showing that the more they try to militarize our lives, the more we resist. In solidarity with J20 defendants, a banner was put up in front of the residency of US ambassador in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as over one of the main roads in the capital city. 


Comrades, your struggle inspires us!

Love and solidarity from Ljubljana.

Z uporabo strani soglašate z uporabo piškotkov. - Podrobnosti.